29207 - Plasma Industrial Applications M

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the students will be able to characterize the state of the art of the industrial processes assisted by thermal (hot) plasmas for the production and treatment of high added value materials; the same on the side of most advanted Technologies using atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium (cold) plasmas for application ranging from use in the energy industry to use in biomedical and plasma medicine applications. The students will be able to relate to patent literature with particular emphasis on the most recent industrial developements of thermal and non-equilibrium plasma sources.The design of those systems will be described together with experimental analysis of the plasma assisted processes used in industrial applications.

Course contents

Fundamentals of thermal and non-Equilibrium plasmas

Areas of industrial applications of plasmas

Inductively coupled thermal plasmas for chemical-physical diagnostics and synthesis of materials

DC transferred arc thermal plasmas for cutting of metallic materials

Nanopowder synthesis with inductively coupled thermal plasmas

Treatment of biological and non biological materials with atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasmas

Treatment of liquid media for industrial, energetic and biomedical applications

Plasma medicine

Laboratory experiments on different area of plasma treatment of materials

Intellectual property protection for industrial and biomedical applications of plasmas

Seminar given by visiting professors 


Copies of the material used during lectures will be given to the students through the interactive platform SLACK or through AMS CAMPUS.

Teaching methods

Lectures with overhead projector and slides

Assessment methods

Examination procedures: oral with a written report on one of the subjects of the course (experimental or theoretical)

Teaching tools

Lectures with overhead projector and slides

Access to the Laboratory of Materials Technology and Industrial Applications of Plasmas at DIN, Via Terracini 24-28, Bologna

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