77763 - Poltical Communication and Electoral Marketing

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

Citizens, political information and the mass media; political and electoral marketing; how to devise and implement political communication and electoral marketing strategies; political journalism; the mass media; the effects of political communication; public opinion polls; internet politics; transformations of election campaigns.


Grandi, R., Vaccari, C. (2013), Come si vincono le elezioni: Elementi di comunicazione politica. Roma: Carocci.

Bentivegna, S. (2015) A colpi di tweet. La politica in prima persona. Bologna: Il Mulino.

Cepernich, C. (2017), Le campagne elettorali al tempo della networked politics. Roma: Laterza.


Teaching methods

The course will be based mostly on taught classes, but will also feature in-depth sessions on issues suggested by the students. A continuous discussion of the issues taught in the course will be made possible by a Facebook group and the #mmpunibo hashtag on Twitter. Students will also be involved in simulations of election campaigns or of contemporary national and international political events.

Assessment methods

90 minutes written exam. 50% of the grade will be based on multiple-choice questions or questions with short answers; the other 50% will be based on open-ended questions.

Teaching tools

Powerpoint presentations, screening of campaign materials and documentary films, and practical exercises, among which the simulation of an election campaign.

Office hours

See the website of Augusto Valeriani