31608 - Chinese Culture and Literature 2

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Modern Chinese Literature

Course contents

Letteratura cinese moderna

We shall focus on the birth of the epistemic and sentient subject in moderm Chinese literature.

We shall focus on these subject

1. Lu Xun  (A Madman's Diary, Medicine and Soap)

2. Yu Dafu (Sinking) e Ding Ling (Miss Sophie's Diary)

3."Farewell my concubile"

4. Zhou Zuoren's e Zhu Ziqing's poems

5. Jingpai: Sheng Congwen, Fei Ming, Ling Shuhua

6.  Wen Yiduo's, Xu Zhimo's and Feng Zhi's poetry

7. Haipai (Liu Na'ou's , Mu Shiying's and Shi Zhecun's stories))

8. Li Jinfa's and Dai Wangshu's poems

9. Zhang Ailing i


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