31147 - French Linguistics and Language 2

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to express and understand issues related to the different aspects of a descriptive-analytical model of French language. As for written language, students must be able to read and understand complex texts, in particular reviews and books, at a minimum level of B2 level, according to the Council of Europe Framework.

Course contents

The aim of French Language and Linguistics courses is to provide Bachelor students with the main aspects of language (phonetics, morphology, lexicology, syntax) as well as to enable them to communicate properly in both written and oral French through the appropriate methodological instruments.

The course will consist of three parts:

Part 1: ‘Monographic course’ (Professor Paola Puccini)

  1. Syntax and functions of language;
  2. Pragmatics and Intercultural Pragmatics.

Part 2: French Language Tutoring

Language classes aim not only to improve students’ writing skills (trough specific exercises on Résumé et analyse de l'image), but especially to enable students to think critically about and to have a deeper and analytic approach to the metalinguistic factors of French language.

Part 3: French Speaking Tutoring

 The French speaking classes aim to improve especially student’s oral skills, in view of the final oral exam.


‘Monographic course:

E.Benveniste, Problèmes de linguistique générale , Paris, Gallimard, 1966, pp. 151-267.

N.Garric, F.Calas, Introduction à la pragmatique, Paris, Hachette, 2007.

It is also possible to refer to J. Longhi, G.Sarfati, Dictionnaire de pragmatique, Paris, Colin, 2011 (not compulsory).

French Language Tutoring (‘esercitazioni linguistiche’):

Marie Berchoud, Le résumé de texte aux concours, La documentation française.

Teaching methods

Frontal lectures, ppt presentations.

Assessment methods

Students must have already passed the following modules: French Language and Linguistics 1 and French Literature 1.

At the end of the course, there will be a final exam consisting of three parts:

1) a written exam concerning the following subject: Résumé et analyse de l'image.

The text is PRELIMINARY to the admission to the oral test and to the final examination (see below).

2) an oral exam aiming at assessing students’ oral communication skills.

3) an oral exam concerning main aspects of French linguistics (Part 1: the ‘monographic course’, Paola Puccini)

The final grade will be determined by the average of each exam’s score.

Teaching tools

Handouts, Ppt slides.

Office hours

See the website of Paola Puccini