31415 - Radioprotection Laboratory T

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course wants to provide students with a knowledge of measuring instruments and computational methods typical of radiation protection.

Course contents

Students should become familiar with the problems associated with the radiation measures and radiation protection assessments. For these reasons, students are shown the working principles of popular tools and the correct method of use. The basics of statistics and theory of measurement are explained, for proper inerpretation of experimental results.

Teaching methods

The first part of the course consists of theoretical lessons, during which students acquire

     notions on the operation of the detectors;
     notions of statistics applied to measurements of radioactivity;
     notions of measure theory.

The second part of the course consists of a series of guided exercises, held at the Laboratory of Montecuccolino. Students must perform activity measurements with Geiger counters, build and test a Geiger counter, measure the RC of a circuit.

Assessment methods

The final examination involves the preparation of a report, in which students must describe the laboratory experiments conducted and present the results obtained.

Teaching tools

Students have access to instruments for measuring radiation, available at the Laboratory of Montecuccolino.

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