31394 - Foundations of Machine Mechanics T-1

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Students are introduced to the kinematical and dynamical analysis and synthesis of the machines.

Course contents


1.     Machines and mechanisms

2.     Kinematical analysis of planar and spatial mechanisms.

3.     Static and dynamical analysis of planar and spatial mechanisms..

4.     Mechanical vibrations

5.     Machine components and subsystems . Brakes. Clutches. Transmission of rotating motion.  Gears. Rigid and flexible mechanical joints.; Rolling bearings. Shafts: critical speed; balancing techniques.



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Teaching methods

Lectures with blackboard,and slides and notebook+overhead projector.

Assessment methods

Oral examination: discussion of topics listed in the program. Solution of a numerical application concerning:

- Static and kinematical analysis of machine;

- modeling of the vibration behaviour of sdof and mdof mechanical systems

Teaching tools

Lectures with blackboard,and  slides and notebook+overhead projector.

Office hours

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