00056 - Astrophysics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The aim is to obtain a general understanding of most important astrophysical topics in the galactic and extragalactic fields. The student will be able to understand and discuss general observational properties of stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. An introduction on the modern cosmology will be also given.

Course contents

Astronomical quantities (parallax, parsec, magnitudo....); observational properties of stars and star clusters; star formation and evolution; supernovae and pulsar; 21 cm line; rotation curves of spiral galaxies; dark matter in spiral, elliptical galaxies; non thermal radiation; unified models; Hubble constant; introduction to cosmology


smith: observational astrophysics; bohm-vitense: introduction to stellar astrophysics &
stellar structure and evolution; carrol and ostlie: introduction to astrophysics; castellani:
astrofisica stellare. A. Ferrari: Stelle galassie e Universo - Fondamenti di astrofisica, Springer ed.
Review papers from astronomical journals will be suggested.

Teaching methods

Oral Lessons

Assessment methods

Oral Examination and discussion

Teaching tools

transparency and power point projector; internet connection

Office hours

See the website of Gabriele Giovannini