28852 - Telecommunication Networks T-1

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Basic knowledge of functionalities and design aspects of modern Telecommunication Networks, with particular reference to computer networks.

Protocols and standard for Telecommunication services.

Internet protocols and architectures.

Course contents

Transfer modes: multiplexing, switching and protocol architectures. OSI reference model. TCP/IP model. Sockets. Internetworking with IP. Transport protocols: TCP and UDP. Flow and congestion control. Routing protocols and algorithms. Data link protocols. HDLC. LAN and multiple access. LAN interconnection and virtual LAN. Basics of network performance.

Lab: Protocol analyzer: Wireshark. IP addressing. Network interface configuration. Virtual LAN configuration.


Achille Pattavina, 'Reti di Telecomunicazione - Networking e Internet', McGraw-Hill, Second Edition

Teaching methods

Classes and lab sessions

Assessment methods

Oral exams with a part dedicated to theoretical aspects and a part dedicated to lab activities and to the solution of configuration problems.

Correctness in the description of the topics will contribute to different grades at the highest levels.

Teaching tools

Lab with PCs and switches.

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