Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Introduction to circuit board design. the course provides basic tools to model and design digital systems from initial models in VHDL to detailed interconnect design. The lab tools provide first hand experience on professional grade CAD systems for FPGA design.

Course contents

The course is offered in second semester.

Design of digital systems based on VHDL and mapped on FPGA

Choice of the packaging for high performance digital systems

Layout of printed circuit boards and its impact on electric performances

Propagation of digital signals on circuit boards

Termination of lines

Design of the distribution of high speed clock signals

Buses and metastability in asynchronous systems

Lab work on VHDL design of simple digital systems


Course Reader

Teaching methods

Class lectures
Lab work

Assessment methods

1) Design in VHDL

2) Discussion with the teacher

Teaching tools

Lab work and CAD tools for VHDL design

Office hours

See the website of Roberto Guerrieri

See the website of Massimo Lanzoni