27160 - Music Internship (1)

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Marco Beghelli

  • Credits 6

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

During this Music Internship students will:

- mature professional experience in a specific workplace, chosen between bodies active in the various fields of music;

- acquire basics on specific aspects of the use of music knowledge in various social realities.

Course contents

Curricular Internship is one of the three possible integrative training activities (beyond Seminars and Laboratories) offered to the students in addition to the lectures. Contrary to the other two activities, the Internship puts the student directly in touch with real working realities. It lasts 150 hours (equal to 6 credits). It can be carried out at an internal structure of the University of Bologna (e.g. a departmental library), or at an external institution proposed by the students, public or private, Italian or foreign. It can be activated at any time of year, provided the students have chosen the Music Internship in their study plan.

An Internships Program can also be activated by students who attend the University of Bologna through the Erasmus program or other similar interchange programs.

Likewise, DAMS students can enter forms of internship in the Learning Agreement of their Erasmus stay, if the hosting university allows it.

As regards internships abroad, it should be also mentioned the possibility of participating in the Erasmus Placement, a program funded by the European Union that allows students to stay for 2 or 3 months at active businesses, universities, training centres and research centres of one of the European countries participating in the program, supported by a scholarship to partially cover the cost of living. The call is traditionally published in spring, valid for the following year (www.unibo.it/erasmusplacement).

Whoever is able to document a highly professionally-qualified profile in the field of music is exceptionally allowed to apply for recognition of such professional activity in place of the curricular Internship, within the limits and in accordance with the regulations of the School of Arts, Humanities, Cultural Heritage (http://www.letterebeniculturali.unibo.it/it/Esonero%20dalla%20frequenza%20del%20Tirocinio%20curricolare).

For the various forms of non-curricular Internships (additional internships, internships for thesis preparation, postgraduate training sessions), please refer to the general information available on the web pages of the School of Arts, Humanities, Cultural Heritage (http://www.letterebeniculturali.unibo.it/it/tirocini-scuola-di-lettere-e-beni-culturali?target=studenti-iscritti). The Erasmus Placement program also includes a specific channel for recent graduate students.

Teaching methods

In the DAMS Degree Course, separate Internships are featured for the four different curricula (Arts, Cinema, Music, Theatre), each with a specific supervisor. The Music Internship is to be found among bodies active in the various fields of music in the broad sense, from the production (of shows, concerts, books, records) to conservation (archives, libraries, museums), from the technological sector (recording studios, Web) to didactic activities (public and private schools). It is not enough to carry out a generic internship within a musical institution to fulfil a Music Internship: it is necessary that the internship program agreed with the hosting institution has a musical value.

All details for activating a curriculum internship program are published on the web site dedicated to the Internships of the School of Arts, Humanities, Cultural Heritage (http://www.letterebeniculturali.unibo.it/it/Informazioni-generali-tirocini).

The IT procedure for the application is at http://tirocini.unibo.it.

The database of external bodies already contracted with the University of Bologna offers a very large and generic list, constantly updated, that is often not so helpful for the students who do not know how to orientate among the many proposals. At the web site of the Music Internship supervisor (http://www.unibo.it/docenti/marco.beghelli), in the "Useful Contents" section, the student can find a list of the bodies that hosted DAMS students for a Music Internship in last years. The list is limited to the Bologna area; many other institutions throughout the country and abroad have occasionally hosted music trainees. Students can propose the activation of new conventions with Italian and foreign bodies, according to their logistical and cultural needs.

Before starting the procedure and getting in touch with new outside bodies, students are strongly recommended to evaluate the choice with their supervisor (Prof. Marco Beghelli for Music Internships), that shall give his consent anyway before the beginning of the Internship: It would be unwise if students reach arrangements with an outside body by themselves and then, for some reason, the teacher does not authorize the agreed activity because considered not relevant to the curriculum.

The technical assistance to activate new conventions with external bodies and to start each specific internship is provided by the Internship Office of the School of Arts, Humanities, Cultural Heritage, via Zamboni 34, accessible via e-mail and by telephone according to the times indicated in the mentioned web page.

It should be noted that without activating and completing the online procedure for starting the Internship, the activity cannot begin, and the students will be not covered by insurance until the Internship Office gives them authorization to begin. No periods of work initiated autonomously by the students will be validated as a curricular Internship.

Assessment methods

The Internship is not graded; students will be given a suitability judgment by the supervisor based on the documentation attesting the completion of it (activity booklet-diary, final statement of the hosting body, final report of the students).

Verbalization takes place under the same procedures as a regular examination, on cadenced dates throughout the year, posted on the AlmaEsami pages.

Teaching tools

Two tutors – one chosen among the faculty members of the degree program (usually the supervisor of the Music Internships) and the other within the institution that hosts the trainee student – will support the students during the Internship. Students may ask these tutors to solve any problems that might arise during their activity.

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