86356 - Clinical Correlations between Anatomic Variations and Anomalies

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Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of the anatomical variations of the systems and the molecular basis of morphogenesis, including with regard to pathological situations, particularly with regard to regenerative medicine. Ability to gather and interpret relevant data for independent judgment in the field of human morphological sciences. Ability to transfer the knowledge gained in the field of morphology to a wide biomedical audience. Learning concepts and advanced technologies that will allow to better understand the topics of study of the following years.

Course contents

Organogenetic overview, variations of arteries and veins, morphology as background for clinical issues, meaning of variations in clinical prectice, cellular signalling, signal transduction in NCS and in endocrine cells, topography of cellular signalling, adult MSC, bone regeneration, molecular mechanisms for the induction of osteogenic differentiation, regenerative medicine and MSC, MCS and tumor microenvironment


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Assessment methods

Single choice test

Teaching tools

Slides, dissection dvd, activity in dissection room, molecular biology instruments

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