85388 - Personnel Psychology

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will: - know methods to assess personnel performance at different levels, in order to develop performance-focused interventions - be able to develop a project in personnel psychology for the organizational management.

Course contents

The course pursues the general objective to introduce the students to the organizational processes implicated in the heterogeneous activities of management of the personnel by their entry, permanence up to the different forms of separation. The main topics concern: the role of the human resources function  with respect to the organisational strategy too; basic elements on compensation; Computerized human resource information systems; Staff, turnover / absenteeism; Career management; Recruitment and personnel selection process. These topics will be analyzed in terms of Sustainability, Multiculturality, Innovation and Diversity management too.


Truxillo D.M, Bauer T.N. & Erdogan B. (2016), Psychology and Work: Perspectives on Industrial and Organizational Psychology. London: Routledge (6-7 chapters).

Lengnick-Hall, M.L., Lengnick-Hall, C.A., Andrade L.S., Drake B. (2009). Strategic human resource management: The evolution of the field. Human Resource Management Review, 19, 64–85.

Breaugh, J., A. (2013). Employee recruitment. Annual Review of Psychology, 64, 389–416.

Slides of teacher and papers that will be presented in class.

Teaching methods

Didactic methods that will be used to improve knowledge/competences are: lecture & questions, group work assignments and exercises, small group discussion, student oral presentation, student paper and student reading. Expert practitioners will be invited to present cases.

Assessment methods

The exam verifies the achievement of the following learning objectives:

  • The capacity to apply the personnel psychology theoretical frameworks to the analysis of human resource management policies;
  • The capacity to apply the personnel psychology theoretical frameworks to the analysis of human resource management procedures;

The learning will be assesses using the following assignments: an individual manuscript (4/5 pages) on organizational case, an exams consists of short answer and essay questions and a class presentation (small groups will develop and present a lecture on the course topics). 

Teaching tools

- Overhead projector, powerpoint, hand-pencil instruments
- Teaching material will be downloaded from teacher's web page
- E-learning platform

Office hours

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