Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

This laboratory aims to get students able to make into practice all the techniques taught: discussing and measuring them each other, perceiving the know-how in different contexts and instances, enriching it by personal evaluation among good and weak points of the acquainted devices.

Course contents

Recognizing current widespread educational unease among the adults, the proposed activities aim to survey the causes of this issue and their main educational needs. Coping with the concern of “care oneself in order to care others”, the laboratory is rooted on theoretical and practical issue of Education, in this way knowledge, awareness and expertise about how to get consciously adult could be reached - both for self-commitment and outward-commitment as well. In the fifth lesson it would be possible to undergo directly with some exercise from Yoga asanas and some basics of Aikido, as practical way to confirm theoretical knowledge. That lesson would be in specific fitting hall.


M. Castiglioni (a cura di), L'educazione degli adulti tra crisi e ricerca di senso, Milano, Unicopli, 2011.

L. Pati, L. Prenna (a cura di), Ripensare l'autorità. Riflessioni pedagogiche e proposte educative, Milano, Guerini, 2008.

L. Cavana, Adultità e crisi dell'autorevolezza tra continuità e cambiamento, in “RPD”, n.1, vol. 5, 2010.

Teaching methods

The contents of the laboratory are focussed from a crucial keywords frame they mainly refer to, in order to attend to a double target: first, fostering thinking process and synthesis, second learning the specific language of the subject at issue.

Assessment methods

Final test will be led by the teacher as a group essay.

Office hours

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