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Academic Year 2017/2018

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It is not taken for granted that we know ourselves: our physical posture, our mental habits, our attitude towards the life. Education through the experience of bodiliness is an essential start to realize how we stand, how we are rooted on the ground, how we move, how we sit, how we stay still and how we breathe. Getting aware of our physical posture is not obvious but need education. Not only a theoretical education but a real experience. This laboratory aims to exercise body, mind and breath, to experience their interconnection, to learn a lot about ourselves from our body linked to our mind and breath. Muscles, posture, rythm of breath tell us a lot of our habit, and we should be aware of our posture as that is also our posture in our existence. Human being learn by a huge variety of way; learning is art and art needs a connection between intellectual ability, understanding activity, sensibility, insight and action. It is a real ESTHETIC EXPERIENCE. Learning through body-mind-breath experiences is learning to “feel” and “listen” deeply, by listening and proprely feeling our self is a way to learn how to feel and listen others. So every exercise is bound to enhance awareness of our posture and correct it, in different situation: standing still, walking, sitting, laying.

Every exercise aims to let the student feel:

  • I can find my place correctly in the space
  • I can lead my attention to the gesture or even in static situation
  • I am able to listen the rythm of my breath, feel the right tension of my muscles, feel what is near, insiede, and outside my bodily experience.

We need to root educational process on caring process: we need to care our gesture. A cared gesture allow us to feel interest, to express skill, to make experience of beauty wich is also a very important instance of care. Taking care of human being, living being, nature and objects is beautiful. As human being we are requested to proprely develop our humanties, and this need care, need training and need a proper behaviour

The body express how we live, how we feel: who we are. It is needed to learn how become more conscious of body languages, needs and being involved in a project of matched education and health instances.


Cavana L., Casadei R., Pedagogia come direzione. Ricerca di senso tra dinamiche esistenziali ed esigenze professionali, Roma, Aracne, 2016

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