00768 - General Pathology

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Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course the student knows the basic principles of etiology and pathogenesis; some elements of environmental pathology of specific interest to the dietician; the pathogenetic mechanisms of reversible and irreversible cell and tissue alterations; nonspecific mechanisms of response to pathogens giving rise to acute and chronic inflammation and to tissue repair processes and sclerosis; the specific mechanisms of the adaptive immune response; the systemic consequences of some pathological processes that exemplify the physiopathological responses of the organism.

Course contents

Introduction: general pathology, the causes of diseases, etiology and pathogenesis.

Cell and tissue damage, reactive and repair processes, cell death.


Immunology and immunopathology . Innate and adaptive immunity, antigen recognition, regulation of the immune response, effector mechanisms. Hypersensitivity, allergy, autoimmunity. Tumor immunology.

Acute and chronic inflammation.

Fever, hyperthermia effects of inflammatory cytokines.

Nutrition related patologies, Alcohol related pathologies, Metabolic diseases

Oncology - The dimensions of cancer, tumor nomenclature and classification, the genes of cancer, tumor-host interactions and metastases, biological bases of cancer therapy, physical, chemical and biological carcinogenesis.


Caruso, Licastro. Compendio di patologia generale. CEA.

Pontieri. Patologia generale e fisiopatologia. Per i corsi di laurea in professioni sanitarie. Piccin.

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

The final examination aims to assess the achievement of the objectives of the integrated course. 

The final grade is the result of the synthesis of final evaluation (oral or written test) of different subjects belonging to the integrated course. The final evaluation consists of specific questions of the different subjects.

Examination is passed if the grade in each subjects is not lower than 18 points.

General Patology examination: oral exam

Teaching tools

All the slides used are available for download from the Campus web site.

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