70796 - Normal Morphology Identification

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Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student can describe the characteristics of the normal cell evidenced by the optical microscope.
In addition, the student is able to recognize the morphological aspects that allow the diagnosis of various human tissues.

Course contents

The Course of RECOGNITION OF NORMAL MORPHOLOGY (Histology) is the first part of the MICROSCOPIC EXERCISE

Strategies for optical microscopy recognition of normal tissues:

- epithelial and glands;

- connective;

- skeletal cartilage;

- skeletal bone;

- blood and lymphoid tissue;

- muscle tissue;

- nervous tissue.


Any Atlas of Histology

Teaching methods

The practical lessons of histology, for a total of 8 hours, will be preceded by an explanation of the characteristic aspects of the tissues. Students will have the opportunity to study tissue preparations by individual access to microscopes in the presence of the teacher.

Assessment methods

The level of learning will be verified at the end of the lessons by means of a practical microscope test. The student must be able to recognize the morphology of cells and tissues.

Teaching tools

The histology laboratory has 34 microscopes

Office hours

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