39802 - Magnetic Resonance Phisics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Course contents

Magnetic Field
Slice, Voxel, Pixel
Electromagnetic Field
Frequency and Phase
Larmor equation
Boltzmann Statisitic
T1 and T2 Relaxation time
Free Induction Decay
Contrast imaging
Signal to Noise Ratio
Spatial encoding
Fourier Transform
Pulse sequences
Spin echo
Gradient echo
Inversion Recovery
MR Hardware
Magnet and coils

Safety MRI
Italian and EU Law


Weishaupt, Kochli, Marincek - How does MRI work ? - Springer

McRobbie, Moore, Graves, Prince - MRI from picture to proton - Cambridge

Allen D. Elster - Questions and Answers in MRI Website!


The Basics of MRI - Joseph P. Hornak, Ph.D.: http://www.cis.rit.edu/htbooks/mri/inside-i.htm

Diagnostica per immagini - Tomografia computerizzata (TC) e Risonanza Magnetica (RM) -Lentini - Golfieri • 2012

MRI in Practice - Catherine Westbrook,Carolyn Kaut Roth

MRI: Basic Principles and Applications - Di Brian M. Dale,Mark A. Brown,Richard C. Semelka

Teaching methods

Speaking conference

Assessment methods

Interview , during which the student is invited to discuss the topics of the recommended books for the study and the didactic material presented and discussed during the lessons.

The interview will be evaluated based on the following parameters:

- knowledge and depth of the content

- critical and exhibit ability

- technical-scientific terminological correctness.

Office hours

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