03257 - Clinical Microbiology

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

The student should recognize the main characteristics of the distinct groups of  microorganisms, the main diagnostic methods for identification of microorganisms, and the pathogenetic mechanisms employed by pathogens of oral cavity.

The student should also have specific knowledge on pathogens responsible of infections/diseases of the oral cavity  (gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries etc.).


Course contents


The main bacteria of the oral cavity.
Microbiology of dental plaque biofilms and their role in oral health and caries.

The microbiology of dental caries.
Microbiology of periodontal diseases.
Oral lesions in infectious diseases.

Laboratory activities:
Automation in the laboratory of bacteriology. microscopic observations of bacterial morphologies after Gram stain. The antibiogram.

Automation in the laboratory of serology. Direct detection of viral antigens in pathological materials. Real-Time PCR assay: extraction, amplification and interpretation of results.



Le basi della Microbiologia, R. A. Harvey et al. Ed. Zanichelli and teaching materials provided by the teacher.


Teaching methods

Lectures and activities carried out in the laboratory.


Assessment methods

"In itinere" examination: verification of learning with tquizzes and short reports.


Teaching tools

Slides, PDF format,  provided by the teacher.

Office hours

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