29677 - Intercultural and Gender Studies

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Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

Students acquires the basic elements (methodology and contents) of gender and intercultural socio-literary studies; they can apply the acquired knowledge in the field of intercultural communication; they are able to evaluate and apply in that field deontologically correct behaviors; and can independently elaborate further knowledge.

Course contents

The core course (taught in the first semester) is an introduction to women's and gender studies. We will look at how these studies have transformed traditional disciplines: from literary criticism to biology, history, law, film studies, economics, sociology, anthropology, translation studies, linguistics, advertising, and men's studies. Seminars will focus on selected, single disciplines (English literature, Popular culture, Film Studies, Anthropology). Seminars will be coordinated by: R. Baccolini (Literature), Adele D'Arcangelo (Translation), Beatrice Spallaccia (Media), Ira Torresi (Film Studies), Elizabeth Whitaker (Anthropology). Each student must sign up for one seminar.


Baccolini, Raffaella, a cura di, Le prospettive di genere. Discipline, soglie e confini. Bologna: BUP, 2005.

+ selected readings for the single seminars

Teaching methods

Lectures and discussions.

Assessment methods

Written exam (on the required readings) (50%).

A written assignment to be handed in one week before the exam (on material from the seminar) (50%).

Teaching tools

Material available on the e-learning site.

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Office hours

See the website of Raffaella Baccolini