00819 - Programming

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

At the end course, the student knows programming principles, tools and techniques. He/she is able to program in a specific programming language. 

Course contents

Introduction to Programming with C++.
Imperative programming in C++: algorithms and programs, data types, assignment, input / output, conditional, iteration, functions, recursion and recursive functions, vectors, records, memory allocation, dynamic data structures (lists, queues, trees)
Object-oriented programming in C++: classes, methods, overloading, inheritance
Use of a development environment.


Our reference will be 1, which is in English. 2 is a reference for an Italian book.   

1. Savitch - Mock:

  1. "Problem Solving with C++", Pearson (una qualunque edizione)

  2. Deitel - Deitel : "C++. Fondamenti di programmazione", Apogeo.

Teaching methods

Lectures, computing laboratory

Assessment methods

Written examination e/o home project.

Teaching tools

Projector, blackboard, laptop, computing laboratory

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Office hours

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