56579 - Planning in Professional Training

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Pier Giovanni Bresciani

  • Credits 4

  • SSD M-PSI/06

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2009/2010

Learning outcomes

In the end of this course, students will know and understand theory and methods about planning vocational and continuing training, and will be able to use tools to cope with it.

Course contents

  • The Italian vocational and continuing training system: institutional framework, suppliers, services, procedures, job profiles and competences
  • Planning vocational and continuing training: need analisys, design, delivery, management, monitoring, quality control and evaluation
  • ‘Competence' as a crucial issue in designing vocational and continuing training
  • Training design: context analisys; aims; methodology and tools; moduls and contents; human resources; technical resources; time-schedule.
  • Organizational and individual variables relevant to training design
  • Training is not the only way to make people learn: then, what else? New ways to learning
  • Self evaluation about training design competences, and need self analisys


  • F. Fraccaroli, "Apprendimento e formazione nelle organizzazioni. Una prospettiva psicologica", Ed. Il Mulino, Bologna, 2007

And another book, chosen from the below list:

  • Formaper (a cura di) "Fare formazione con le piccole imprese", Franco Angeli, Milano 2001
  • M. Castagna, "Progettare la formazione. Guida metodologica per la progettazione del lavoro in aula", Franco Angeli, Milano, 1997
  • G.P. Quaglino, "Il processo di formazione. Scritti di formazione 2. 1981-2005", Franco Angeli, 2006
  • G. Ghiotto, "La formazione per l'impresa. Manuale per consulenti e formatori", Franco Angeli, 1998

Essays, articles, further bibliography will be pointed out ongoing.

Teaching methods

Lectures and presentations, individual exercises, case studies, role-plays, group activities, group interviews to trainers and consultants.

Assessment methods

Final interview about the content of the ‘recommended reading' above mentioned

Teaching tools

The lectures slides can be downloaded from https://campus.cib.unibo.it/cgi/users/login

Office hours

See the website of Pier Giovanni Bresciani