Information for those wishing to enrol in the first year of the Specialisation Schools in Cultural Heritage, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Health and Law.

Candidates in useful positions in the ranking list shall register in the period notified according to the following general procedure (for special cases, please see the specific notes indicated in each call for applications):

1. Complete the registration application
Go to Studenti Online using your own credentials and follow the online registration procedure, then print the registration form (with duty stamp paid virtually), complete and sign it.

2. Pay the registration fee
Pay the first instalment of the annual tuition fee (or pay the annual fee in one single instalment) in one of the following ways:

  • online by credit card (circuits: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express), even using a card not in the student's name, on Studenti Online;
  • at any branch of Unicredit Banca using the payment code printed at the end of the online registration procedure. Payments at other banks, by bank transfer, or postal payments are not permitted.

Successful candidates with disabilities should access the Studenti Online website using their credentials and tick the relative box; the reduced fee rate will automatically be applied.

Candidates not paying the registration fee within the set deadline, whatever the reason, shall be deemed to have withdrawn from registration.

3. Submit the documents to the office

Within the deadline published on this page, submit the following documents to the non Medical Specialisation Schools office:

  • application form, printed from your reserved area, signed and dated;
  • copy of the registration fee payment receipt;
  • copy of a valid identity document;
  • a passport photo.

Registration is deemed to be completed only once the above documents have been submitted.

Non-EU citizens resident abroad must also produce a copy of a valid residence permit. Please note that registration is completed with reserve until the presentation of the residence permit.

Incompatibility with other university programmes

Please remember that art. 142 of Amalgamated Law no. 1592/33 forbids enrolment in more than one university degree programme at a time. This means that it is not possible to register at the same time for a Professional Master's Programme, a Specialisation School, a PhD programme, or any First, Second or Single Cycle degree programmes. Anyone registered to one of the abovementioned study programmes who has not yet graduated shall contact the student administration office of their relative programme in order to suspend their university career.


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