Minor - Interdisciplinary programmes to enrich your curriculum

Minors are optional interdisciplinary programmes, separate from degree programmes, that allow you to divert from your main subjects and acquire skills useful for your future studies and to enter the world of work.

The programmes are centred around topical subjects addressed with an interdisciplinary approach and by combining traditional learning activities with new innovative methods, alternating lessons and seminars, multimedia materials and group projects.


To enrol in a Minor, you must be enrolled in a second cycle degree programme or in the fourth year or above of a single cycle degree programme at the University of Bologna. Additional specific requirements apply to each Minor.

A set number of participants can enrol, and admission is subject to a selection process.

Enrolment is free and the Minor programme remains separate from the degree programme you are enrolled in.

Duration and Attendance

Learning activities are held in presence. Attendance to 70% of learning activities is mandatory.

Minor learning activities include graded tests. To obtain the final attestation, you must pass tests for all activities included in the programme.

Minors for a.y. 2021/22

The challenge of climate change

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Journey through space and time

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Learning from data

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Green Technologies

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Smart Infrastructures

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