B2842 - Pharmaceutical Legislation with Laboratory of Galenic Preparation (Gr. B)

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, which includes practical activities in the laboratory, the student:

- acquires the knowledge and ability to understand the legislative and deontological aspects related to the  profession of pharmacist in Italy;

- learn to prepare officinal and magistral preparations (personalized therapies);

- applies the acquired knowledge to  prepare  the main pharmaceutical dosage forms (powders, capsules, granules, tablets, solutions, suspensions, emulsions, semi-solid preparations for skin application, suppositories).

Course contents

Module 1 (24 hours):

Fundamentals on Italian low and regulation issues relevant to pharmacist professional practice in pharmacy.


Module 2: Pharmacy Practice Laboratory (Passerini or Albertini, 60 hours)

Delivery of the recipe and preparation of the following galenic formulations: capsules, syrup, suspension, emulsion, cream, ointment, paste, suppositories and pessaries.


1) P. Minghetti, M. Marchetti. Legislazione farmaceutica. Decima edizione. Casa Editrice Ambrosiana (2021).

2) E. Ragazzi. Galenica Pratica. Formulazione e Tecnologia. Libreria Internazionale Cortina, (2006).

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4) H.C. Ansel, S.J. Stockton. Principi di calcolo farmaceutico. 15 Ed. Edra (2017).

Teaching methods

Lectures (24 hours) and laboratory (60 hours).

Assessment methods

Oral exam in italian language

Teaching tools


Office hours

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