27928 - Laboratory (1) (LM) (G. D)

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Music and Theatre Studies (cod. 8837)

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, students gain practical skills in applying the abilities developed throughout the courses, enabling them to effectively engage in professional activities within the field of planning, producing, and promoting live performance events.

Course contents

The initiative consists of the creation of a traveling show that explores significant locations in the history of the arts - including performing arts, music, theater, cinema as well as visual arts - in the city of Bologna. At each of these iconic venues, a short performance (involving music, dance, drama, and intermedia) will take place, evoking a specific story related to that particular iconic location. The selection of locations, performances, and participants will be decided during the course of this workshop, based on the availability of participants.

Office hours

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