Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

Workshops are designed to provide students with transversal and multidisciplinary skills that can prove useful in their future careers. At the end of the course, students have basic knowledge about Data Mining and have experienced a programming language to write simple data analysis programs.

Course contents

This workshop presents students a wide overview of the Data Science discipline. It focuses on the processing techniques for the exploratory data analyis and understanding of structured data sets.

More in details, the course contents are:

  • Introduction to Data Mining;
  • Introduction to programming in R;
  • Presentation of tools and approaches for the exploration of Big Data sets;
  • Implementation of R scripts with specific libraries for data visualization.

Topics will be introduced theoretically but also verified in R-based softwares during the laboratory hours.

ATTENTION: the class attendance is mandatory.


Slides by the teacher

ROBERT, I., et al. "R in action: data analysis and graphics with R". 2011.

Teaching methods

Lectures and Laboratory lessons.

It is necessary to previously attend the online courses on health and safety for students of University of Bologna, "module 1" and "module 2", available at https://elearning-sicurezza.unibo.it/?lang=en

Assessment methods

Evaluation of a report of the student from a trace given by the teacher and eventually a quiz exam.

Teaching tools

Slides by the teacher

Office hours

See the website of Elena Morotti