91188 - Laboratories (Lab8)

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

Through a workshop activity selected among these will be activated every year, the student will develop skills in practical elaboration of the general knowledge owned in the general course of studies. he/she will be able to collect, organise and analyse complex information as well as presents the results of their analysis in written and oral form.

Course contents

In this workshop will be analysed some of the more significant dimension of political radicalism trough arts and literature, such as the construction of extremist's personality, different phenomenologies of political terrorism and the extension of extremism in Europe from a sociological and political point of view. Scientific literature, newspaper and literary and cinematographic sources will be used.


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Teaching methods

Lessons and exercises. Analysis of international articles and newspapers.



Assessment methods

Discussion of a brief essay.

Teaching tools

Presentation and analysis of data and information from newspapers and reviews related to the phenomena.

Office hours

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