86582 - Building Information Modeling

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Civil Engineering (cod. 8895)

    Also valid for Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Civil Engineering (cod. 0930)

Learning outcomes

The course aims at training students on the broad and expanding field of BIM applications by providing a general lexicon, the concepts and techniques of this wide set of tools for management, representation and construction. Starting from a short summary of consolidated modelling techniques (CAD, 3D geometric modelling tools), the course considers both the "pillars" of BIM Technology (datum, contents, views, management) and the innovations introduced in the construction process by this approach to design. The course also provides a comprehensive overview of the main BIM applications currently in use, in order to develop a critical approach to these techniques and evaluate the most suitable solution to design issues.

Course contents

Welcome to the Bim Canonical Universe: a survival guide to surf on gravitational waves of 3D modeling, legislation, file format, softwares and so on.

This course try to go right to the center of BIM galaxy; to discover initial pulsing ideas from which everything started, how it’s evolving and to figure what we can expect hereafter.

Theoretical concepts (smart objects, LOD, IFC, 6D, UNI11337, etc..) will be study in deep just like practical software tools.

We’ll take a look at main author software (Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan, BricsCAD, etc..) to examine analogies, differences, approaches, benefits and limits.

Some exercises by software (the main part of exam) will do together just like a “training on the job”, so you can learn practical tools usefull in everyday designing works.

Actually BIM is a really huge jurney, and maybe we’ll discover even a multi-verse.


Standard UNI 11337

BIM and UNI lessons

Teaching methods

Face-to-face lessons on theoretical concepts and practical exercises to learn technical tools

Assessment methods

A set of practical exercises during course, to learn theoretical explanation, will be main criteria to final evalutation.

Teaching tools

The main place to found usefull materials now is the web, so, during the course, addresses and criteria to search proper materials will be show

Office hours

See the website of Pier Carlo Ricci