34381 - Computer Science for Archive Keeping (1) (LM)

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Docente: Stefano Malfatti
  • Credits: 6
  • SSD: M-STO/08
  • Language: Italian

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students will know the main elements of the archival document and the related finding aids for computer processing. From one side they will recognize problems related to the description according to the standards in use ; on the other they will be aware of the issue of conservation and preservation over time. They will be able to devote special attention to the creation of open access environments for digital documents in the field of historical archives.

Course contents

An introduction dedicated to the basic principles of the archival discipline will be provided. Aspects, including regulatory aspects, related to the production, management and preservation of analogical and digital records in Italy will be covered. The software for archival description and the international standards for the description of historical archives, their producers and conservators will then be illustrated. Finally, some national and local archival information systems will be considered. Meetings will be held in archives to explore practical cases of the application of IT tools to the description and management of archival documentation.


Attending students:

  • Maria Guercio, Archivistica informatica. I documenti in ambiente digitale, Roma, Carocci, 2019, chapters: 1) Gestione dei documenti archivistici in ambiente digitale; 2) Requisiti funzionali per la gestione informatica dei documenti; 3) La conservazione digitale. Metodi, progetti di ricerca e casi di studio; 4) Gli standard per la descrizione archivistica 5) La gestione informatica nell’ordinamento giuridico italiano. We recommend using the 2019 edition, the most up-to-date edition currently available.     

Non-attending students:

In addition to the texts for attending students, the following text:

  • Giorgetta Bonfiglio-Dosio, Primi passi nel mondo degli archivi. Temi e testi per la formazione archivistica di primo livello. Quinta edizione, Padova, Cleup, 2023.

Further indications on bibliographic and web resources will be provided during the course; materials for the preparation of the exam will also be published online.

Teaching methods

1. Lectures, in the classroom, using slides and other teaching materials.

2. "Virtual" visit to a "current archive".

3. Visits to State Archives in order to ensure a direct approach to the documentary heritage and models of application of information technologies for their management and use.

Assessment methods

Oral exam:

  • Knowledge of the topics covered in class and of the bibliography
  • Presentation of concepts with appropriate language.

Teaching tools

Digital tools and technologies, including audiovisual materials, will be used in both the exposition of issues and the exemplification of concrete cases.

Office hours

See the website of Stefano Malfatti