69958 - Core Clinical Training in Equine Surgical Clinics

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Moduli: Noemi Romagnoli (Modulo 1) Alessandro Spadari (Modulo 2) Riccardo Rinnovati (Modulo 3) Matteo Toniato (Modulo 4) Carlotta Lambertini (Modulo 5)
  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures (Modulo 1) Traditional lectures (Modulo 2) Traditional lectures (Modulo 3) Traditional lectures (Modulo 4) Traditional lectures (Modulo 5)
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Single cycle degree programme (LMCU) in Veterinary Medicine (cod. 8617)

Learning outcomes

Provide to the students the clinical experince  to treat the equine surgical pathology;  as well as to learn the advanced surgical procedures  through the analysis of clinical cases of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Course contents

Students follow the equine clinical cases that present hoof diseases, colic syndrome and surgical problems requiring intensive care. Under the supervision of the teacher perform the diagnostic process and discuss the medical or surgical therapy depending on the suspected diagnosis


"Equine Podiatry" FLOYD 1° ed. Elsivier

"Diagnosis and Management of equine Lameness " ROSS, DYSON 2° ed.

" Equni Anaestehsia Muir WW & Hubbel JAE 2° ed. Saunders

Teaching methods

The methods of evaluation of the skills acquired by the student, as listed in Annex receiving the beginning of the internship, is done by in-course tests related to manual activities carried out directly by the student, discussion of clinical cases evaluated during the training period, execution of manual and clinical procedures in the presence of a structured

Assessment methods

The achievement of the abilities of the student is certified through the signature of teacher involved in daily training activities.

Teaching tools

Students will gain knowledge of surgical diseases of the horse through the discussion of normal clinical cases referred to teaching hospital and reading of x-ray examinations and clinicapatological data  with the teacher.

Office hours

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