69954 - Core Clinical Training in Veterinary Surgery

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

Provide students with the clinical and practical bases useful for addressing the surgical diseases of greatest clinical response of patients who belong to the Small Animal Clinical Service of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences. Particular attention will be give to orthopedic disorders, apparatus and systems and other specialized techniques, diagnosis and treatment of major emergencies, anesthetic techniques.

Course contents

The teaching is part of the integrated course C.I. Veterinary Surgery and Orthopedics Clinic, and the training objective is to obtain the knowledge of a methodology and a standard clinical path relating to the main surgical pathologies of soft and hard tissues, with the direct observation of clinical cases accompanied by the collateral examinations considered necessary for the diagnosis and to formulate a prognosis and therapy. For the C.I. the lecturer in the minutes is Prof. Ombretta Capitani.

The course program includes the performance of specific surgical skills and evaluation of clinical cases. Particular attention is given to specialist visits, diagnostic tests, choice of surgical or medical treatment, triage and lifesaving maneuvers, evaluation and execution of appropriate anesthetic protocols, the relations with the owner and assisting in the operating room.

The Syllabus of the course unit and the list of EAEVE Day One Competences that the course unit contributes to achieving can be viewed on the dedicated page.

Teaching methods

The course covers 5 credits corresponding to 90 hours of clinical practice in 1 month.

Students perform under the guidance of a teacher, the clinical procedure of patients.
The teaching is carried out following the teachers in the course of surgical patients who belong to the Small Animal Clinical Services with the help of the equipment in the section

Assessment methods

In-process tests carried out during the month and the result evaluated by the teacher, discussion of clinical cases, execution of manual and procedures in the presence of a structured or a tutor.

At the end: powerpoint presentation and discussion clinical case
The achievement of skill from the student is certified by the personal signature structured involved in training activities.The responsible teacher and supervisor expresses the assessment of qualified for the student.

The outcome of the group work (ppt presentation) together with the average of the in-progress tests (score 1-4) contribute to the evaluation and verbalization of the Integrated Course (Clinical Surgery and Veterinary Orthopedics 11 CFU).

Teaching tools

Surgical procedures are performed using the facilities of the department

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