69558 - Translation from Italian into French II (Second Language)

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Docente: Paolo Scampa
  • Credits:: 5
  • SSD: L-LIN/04
  • Language: French
  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Forli
  • Corso: First cycle degree programme (L) in Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation (cod. 8059)

Learning outcomes

The learner is able to understand strategies, methods and tools used in translation - s/he is able to solve differents types texts traductions belonging technical/scientific/journalistic responding to specific translation briefs - s/he is aware of and able to use documentation, writing, editing and revision techniques - s/he is able to choose and apply the advanced translation strategies that seem to best respond to the communicative and operative functions of the source texts.

Course contents

The course aims to give the students translation skills in dealing with texts of varying content and difficulty level.

Emphasis will be placed on:

language skills: ensure linguistic quality without interference and fluent quality;

language methodological skills: auto-corrective bilingual and monolingual linguistic strategy ;

disciplinary skills for reinforce familiarity with some specific languages;



BECCARIA, G.L. (a cura di) (1993), I linguaggi settoriali in Italia, Bompani

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Scarpa, F. (2001) La traduzione specializzata. Lingue speciali e mediazione linguistica, Milano, Hoepli.

Dictionnaires unilingues : Le Petit Robert, Le Trésor de la langue Française

Dictionnaire bilingue :Le Robert et Signorelli, dictionnaire français-italien / italien-français, Paris, Le Robert

Dictionnaire des synonymes : D. LE FUR, Dictionnaire des synonymes, nuances et contraires, Le Robert, « Les Usuels »

Banque de dépannage linguistique :http://www.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/ressources/bdl.html

Teaching methods

The course includes:

individual/and in groups translation sessions in the classroom and homework translation with discussions during lessons. The course involve a permanent reflexive French/Italian contrastive linguistics analysis and bilingual auto-corrective method for consolidate grammatical structures and prevent interferences.

Assessment methods

translation of 250-300 words text of thematic areas addressed during the course.

Teaching tools

- Material provided by the instructor

- Dictionaries listed in the bibliography.

Office hours

See the website of Paolo Scampa