30330 - Information Technology Skills (LM)

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

The aim is to cover the essential notions of the most important aspects of contemporary computer science, both from a methodological perspective (Internet and WWW architecture, data base structure) and in terms of applications (how to personally exploit the computer's potential).

Course contents

The issues to be covered in the course include:

- Internet, the WWW and their services;

- Web pages creation;

- Computer presentations.

ECDL is not valid in order to obtain credits.


There is no set text for course, as all material is available on-line as described in the “Teaching Tools” section of this program. Further information will be provided at the first meeting with the tutor.

Teaching methods

The course is an example of "blended-learning" activities, combining self-access distance learning with face-to-face tutor-student seminars. These meetings with the tutor (contact: lingue-abilitainformatichea3@unibo.it [mailto:lingue-abilitainformatichea3@unibo.it] ) are designed to introduce the subjects of each of the modules covered in the course and to guide students in their self-access of the contents. Basic notions of the upcoming module are explained and any problematic areas of the previous one are also clarified when necessary. Students are expected to attend these meetings and to make the most of them.
The calendar of the meetings, that will take place at the Scuola di Lingue e Letterature, Traduzione e Interpretazione (Via Filippo Re, 8), will be available later, both on the School web page and on its noticeboard.

Assessment methods

The final examination aims at evaluating the achievement of the following learning objectives:

- knowledge of the working principles of the internet, of the WWW and of their services;

- knowledge of the language used for creating web pages;

- knowledge of the presentation techniques.

The exam is an on-line multiple choice test (30 questions) that will take place in the computer lab in the presence of the tutor. To pass the exam a student must answer at least 18 questions correctly. The exam presents questions regarding the topics covered in the modules on the e-learning Platform above mentioned (https://elearning-cds.unibo.it/ ). Students can take the exam even if they don't attend lectures. If students want to take part in the exam, they have to register for the exam in the Almaesami system.

This exam is pass/fail only (there is no numerical grade). A positive result will be registered within few days from the exam in the Almaesami system.

Those who fail to pass the exam on a given exam day are not debarred from sitting it again on the immediately following exam day.

Teaching tools

Access to the contents of all modules is through the University of Bologna e-learning Platform (https://elearning-cds.unibo.it/ ), but students need to register prior to accessing it. The correct registration procedure will be shown at the first lesson of the seminar.

Office hours

See the website of Valentina Presutti


Quality education

This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.