84455 - Lab of Analog Electronics and Instrumentation M

Academic Year 2022/2023

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Electronic Engineering (cod. 0934)

Learning outcomes

Aim of this course is to introduce the student to the experimental analysis of the most common analog electronic circuits and to the design of modern automated instrumentation systems. To this purpose in this course the student will use programmable digital instrumentation to prepare experimental setups dedicated to the analysis of analog circuits as well as to the measurement of analog characteristics of digital components such as power supply current, voltage levels etc. The course will be held in an electronics lab equipped with programmable instrumentation and workstations. Occasionally simulations will be performed in order to compare theoretical calculations with experimental results.

Course contents

Elementary knowledge of the basic instrumentation and simulation tools

Simulation and experiimental analysis of digital and analog circuits

LabVIEW elements

Design and realization of automatic measurement setup involving both Benchtop instrumentation and DAQ cards



Teaching methods

Briefing followed by personal activity

Assessment methods

Individual project followed by evaluation.

The final score is pass/fail

Teaching tools

Web site with activity guides, datasheets and copy of the slides used during the briefing

Links to further information


Office hours

See the website of Massimo Lanzoni


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.