97218 - Comparative Arteriopathy Pathology

Academic Year 2021/2022

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Single cycle degree programme (LMCU) in Medicine and Surgery (cod. 8415)

Learning outcomes

The student will acquire essential concepts to understand the morphology and molecular characteristics of the diseased vascular wall as well as to understand the role that resident vascular stem cells may have in the pathology of vascular wall.

Course contents

Arterial wall morphological and molecular composition. Vascular wall resident stem cells. Stem cell role in diseases of the arterial wall.


G Pasquinelli - S Valente. Stem cells of the vascular system. In: Stem Cells. GP Bagnara (ed.) I ed. Ed. Esculapio, Bologna, 2020.

Teaching methods

The course consists of 1 CFU (frontal teaching) which will be held on April 2022 starting at 18.00 pm.

Assessment methods

Attendance to classes (66%) is a prerequisite for obtaining eligibility.

Teaching tools

The teaching material will be made available on virtuale.unibo.it.

Office hours

See the website of Gianandrea Pasquinelli


Good health and well-being

This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.