90298 - Advanced Macroeconomics

Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Economics (cod. 8408)

Learning outcomes

This course presents models and techniques used by macroeconomists to study the theory of consumption and investment. At the end of the course, the student: - knows basic techniques in dynamic programming and their applications - critically understands macroeconomic models that study the dynamics of Consumption and Investment.

Course contents

The theory of consumption and investment:

1. Consumption under certainty

2. Consumption under uncertainty

3. Empirical applications

4. The Interest rate, saving and consumption growth

5. Consumption and risky assets

6.Liquidity constraints

7. Investment and the cost of capital

8. Investment with adjusting costs

9. tobin's Q

10. Investment and uncertainty


Romer, David, Advanced Macroeconomics, the McGraw-Hill Companies,last edition

Jappelli, T. L.Pistaferri, The Economics of Consumption: Theory and Applications, 2018 Oxford Economic Press

Lectures Notes

Teaching methods

traditional teacher led classes

Assessment methods

At the end of the course, there will be a one hour and a half written examination. The exam will be closed book. The aim of the exam is to test the knowledge acquired by students both of the theoretical and of the empirical literature discussed in class. The exam will count 90% of the final grade. Three problems sets solved by student every week will count 10% of the final grade.

Teaching tools

There will be four recitations led by a teaching assistants and three problem sets

Office hours

See the website of Laura Bottazzi