57958 - Mechanics of Machines

Academic Year 2008/2009

  • Docente: Alberto Maggiore
  • Credits:: 6
  • SSD: ING-IND/13
  • Language: Italian
  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: First cycle degree programme (L) in Mechanical Engineering (cod. 0052)

Learning outcomes

Students will face some of the most important problems in mechanics of machines, such as motion and force transmission, inertia forces, unbalance, flywheels, vibrations, rotor dynamics. Students will also explore some aspects of mechanism modelling.

Course contents

1) Mechanisms. 2)Forces acting on machines. Efficiency. 3) Contact forces. Principles of rigid body dynamics. 4) Linkages. 5) Gears. 6). Gear trains.  7) Hoists. Belts. Ribbon brakes. 8) Principles of dynamics of machines. 9) Crank - lever dynamics. 10) Flywheel dynamics. 11) SDOF vibrations. 12) Balancing of machines.


E. Funaioli, A. Maggiore, U. Meneghetti, “Lezioni di Meccanica applicata alle macchine - Prima parte: Fondamenti di Meccanica delle macchine”, ed. Pàtron, 2005, Bologna, ISBN 88-555-2829-7

Teaching methods

The course is based on both academic and practical lessons. Some homework will be assigned.

Assessment methods

Intermediate tests will be performed. Students getting pass marks will only take an oral exam. Otherwise they will previously take a written exam, followed by an oral one.

Teaching tools

Overhead projector, PC.

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