EU Countries (Programme Countries), Switzerland and UK

EU grant amount (a.y. 2024/25): € 300 or 350 for each month of mobility (the amount of the grant varies according to the living cost of the hosting country.

Additional contribution financed by the MUR: will be calculated on your Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator – ISEE (as requested by Ministerial Decree 1047/2017). Students are strongly suggested to apply for the ISEE certificate well in advance.

It will be paid according to the rules that will be published in the Guide for selected students and undersigned within the mobility agreement.

WARNING: No MUR contribution is foreseen for: students who lack the presentation of the ISEE certificate within the deadline and compliant with the procedures which will be communicated in the next weeks, students who hold an ISEE calculation higher than 50.000 euros and students enrolled as “fuori corso” from the second year onwards.

Non-EU Countries (Partner Countries)

Funding for non-EU institutes consists entirely of the European Union contribution and is divided as follows:

  • contribution for living costs: €700 per month; the amount is the same for all non-EU Countries and is based on the number of days of actual stay abroad.
  • contribution for travel expenses: amounts are established by the Erasmus+ programme based on the distance in kilometres between Bologna and the central campus of Universities included in the Agreement. Amounts are price ceilings, the student will be reimbursed for the actual cost of the travel ticket up to the amounts indicated in the guide for selected students of the relevant academic year. 

For mobility towards non-EU countries the contribution by the MIUR is not provided.

Methods of payment

The grant can be provided exclusively by bank transfer on a debit card with IBAN or bank account headed to the grantee. Prepaid cards must allow for credits equal to the amount of the grant.

Students with certified special needs

Erasmus+ programme pays particular attention to guidance, reception, physical accessibility, pedagogical and technical support services, and, especially to the funding of the extra costs to support the mobility of students with certified special needs.

Students that during the acceptance procedure of the exchange places have expressed their interest in receiving further information about the additional funds available will be directly contacted by the Erasmus+ mobility for study office.