Why the University of Bologna?

More academic programmes
Graduated students
The University of Bologna offers over 200 degree programmes, including 97 international of which 80 with at least a curriculum entirely taught in English.
More history, more innovation
Students at the University
The origins of the University of Bologna go way back - to its founding in 1088. It is considered to be the oldest university in the Western world. Its history has continually been intertwined with the great names of innovations in science and literature.
More scholarship opportunities
Student in the library
The University of Bologna's administration prides itself on serving students first and foremost. Study grants, fee exemptions, housing and meal discounts, 150-hour collaboration contracts, tutorships are just some of the opportunities available to deserving students or those in need of economic support.
More campuses
The University of Bologna’s multicampus structure is unique in Italy, and allows students with particular specialties to access the regional resources they need. Each campus offers differently tailored programs linked to their cities’ facilities and heritage.
More international exchange
PhD students
Alma Mater consistently sends and receives more Erasmus exchange students than any other university in Europe. Thanks to its international heritage, the university has forged close relationships with the most important universities in the world, creating a continuous exchange of students and instructors and a multitude of study abroad opportunities.
More impact on the world
Projects, initiatives and state-of-the-art facilities for developing new ideas, innovation and knowledge for facing global challenges.
More professional networking
Internships students
Alma Mater offers dedicated services to help young graduates find their footing in the business world.
More space for your passions
Unibo student in study room
The University of Bologna offers more than just academics: language courses, university events, music, sport and plenty more to enrich your university experience.