AlmaMathematica: on-line mathematics courses

The purpose of AlmaMathematica is to help students with their mathematics ahead of their University studies. Courses are held in Italian.

Who for

Upper school students interested in enrolling for Alma Mater degree programmes that include basic course units in mathematics, who wish to practice their mathematics and check their knowledge of the fundamentals.

Although not directly linked to the questions included in the entrance tests for restricted access degree programmes or in progress tests, AlmaMathematica certainly represents useful support.

Students enrolled at Unibo who have accumulated additional learning requirements in mathematics. These students can prepare for exams, practice on-line and become part of the AlmaMathematica community.

How organised

There are 11 courses:

  • Basic course (numerical sets, prime numbers, fractions, powers)
  • Course in Algebra
  • Course in Euclidean Geometry
  • Course in Functions and Analytical Geometry 1
  • Course in Functions and Analytical Geometry 2
  • Course in Exponentials and Logarithms 1
  • Course in Exponentials and Logarithms 2
  • Course in Trigonometry 1
  • Course in Trigonometry 2
  • Course in Probability and Statistics
  • Course in Logic

Each University School requires a different background in mathematics and has its own curriculum that includes some of the above topics.

Each course comprises theory, examples and progress tests. Students can check their progress at any time.

Students can participate in forum discussions with others registered with AlmaMathematica or receive help from tutors.

The Facebook group enables students to keep up to date about AlmaMathematica and find the latest news and curiosities from the world of mathematics.


AlmaMathematica makes tutors available to help students make progress!

For us, no question is stupid or banal: if something is unclear, contact the tutors or post a message. The tutors and/or other student members of the community will be happy to help you.

Our objective is to make sure that everyone who starts a course can complete it, thus laying solid foundations for their future University studies.


To get started, you need an account
If you do not have a Unibo account, or cannot remember if you ever had one, you can register here.

If you have a Unibo account, start here: Go to AlmaMathematica