Tax Code desk for students

A help desk from which University students may obtain an Italian Tax code.
Tax code helpdesk


At the moment, due to the measures to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, the offices of the University of Bologna do not provide the Service. Revenue Agency services are accessible using the methods made available by the Agency itself.


Applications for Tax Numbers may be submitted on the days when Revenue Agency staff is present at the Lease Contract Registration Desk. They may also be submitted on other days, during office hours. However, in this case the Tax Number will not be issued immediately. University personnel will collect the applications and inform applicants of when they will be able to collect the Tax Number issued by the Revenue Agency.

Besides the completed and signed application form, they will need to show the following documents:

  • For Italian or EU citizens, the applicant’s identity document;
  • For non-EU subjects:
    - A valid passport with entry visa stamped no earlier than 90 days before;
    - Or a valid stay permit, or receipt of application for one, complete with photo; if their stay permit has expired but they have applied for a renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date, they also need to present the receipt of payment (bollettino postale);
    - Or the applicant’s certificate of identity and photo, issued by their country’s consulate or embassy in Italy.

The Tax Code application form may also be presented by proxy (18 yrs +). In this case the proxy must show his/her own proof of identity as well as a copy of the delegating party’s document.