AlmaRM is the system implemented by the University of Bologna to manage all student mobility programmes (including Erasmus Study, Erasmus Placement, Erasmus ICM, Overseas) on-line.

For students enrolled at the University of Bologna who wish to spend a period of mobility abroad, AlmaRM can be used to:

  • View all the exchange possibilities offered by the mobility programmes;
  • Apply for the various programmes on-line and receive information on the outcome of the selection process;
  • Accept an exchange post if the application is successful;
  • Manage all the procedures relating to the exchange period abroad on-line.

For exchange students from foreign Universities, AlmaRM can be used to:

  • View personal exchange details;
  • After arrival, present on-line study plans, enrol in exam sessions, check exam records;
  • After departure, download the Transcript of records with digital stamp.

AlmaRM service