Libraries, digital resources and study rooms

The University of Bologna has a wide network of facilities, library and documentary services providing support for studies, teaching, research, professional and cultural activities.


University Libraries
Information on the university and local libraries, contacts, phone numbers, opening hours and available services.

Bologna University Library
The Bologna University Library, with important collections of antique and modern books, is the University's central library, offering general library services, conservation and historical and scientific research facilities.

Digital resources

Alma Digital Library
Alma Digital Library, AlmaDL, is the university's digital library. It gathers, stores and makes available digital collections on the web, to support teaching and research.

Full text resources
To access the full text resources the university subscribes to.

Guidance for bibliographic research
Initiatives, instruments and services for guidance and training in bibliographic research and using the libraries.

CIL - Information Literacy Course
On-line course to find out about the resources available on the Internet and in the Libraries.

Study rooms

Study rooms in Bologna
List of study rooms where you can studyand of the municipal libraries.

Study rooms in Cesena
The "Alfa Albatros" and "Beta" study rooms, open throughout the day until late in the evening.

Study rooms in Forlì
Study rooms and Libraries for Forlì students.

Study rooms in Ravenna
Over 100 PC stations and many places to study.

Study room in Rimini
The study rooms are open to all UNIBO students.