Requesting duplicates

How to request a duplicate electronic badge or degree certificate.

Electronic badge

Read the information to obtain the badge duplicate.

Degree Certificate

After passing the final examination, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università of Bologna issues a diploma indicating your qualification and degree class.
The certificate does not indicate your individual exam grades or your final grade. Where granted, special mention is made of any honours awarded (lode).

To obtain a copy (in case of theft, loss, or destruction) you must submit the following to the Student Administration Office of your Degree Programme:

  • the form to request a copy of the degree certificate - theft/loss/distruction [.pdf 161 KB];
  • a €16 stamp duty;
  • if you have your University credentials ( ask your  Student Administration Office to upload the relevant fee in Studenti Online, otherwise submit the payment receipt of the €300 fee for a duplicate certificate;
  • (only if you send the request by post) a copy of your identity document;
  • copy of the report of the loss or theft to the police authorities or substitute statutory declaration pursuant to art. 47 of Italian DPR 445/2000.

If you have changed your personal details in the civil status register and would like the changes to be reflected in the University’s database, you must request (for free) a new degree certificate with your correct details. To do so, you must submit the following to the Student Administration Office of your Degree Programme:

Physical Education Diploma Certificate (Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica)

If you are a graduate of the Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica (ISEF) and you need a new diploma certificate (because of theft, loss, or destruction) please send an email to the Student Administration Office for Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Science ( and attach a copy (front and back) of a valid identity document. The Student Administration Office will give you all the necessary information, also regarding the payment of the €132 fee.