Certificates, self-certifications online and Diploma Supplement

All the information you need to request for exam and qualification certificates quickly and easily.

Certificates online

By accessing Studenti Online you can obtain certificates concerning your exams and qualifications.
The on-line certificates are signed digitally by the university, which guarantees their integrity and authenticity.
To access the service you must use your institutional credentials. If you don't have your credentials or have forgotten them, contact the Studenti Online Help Desk.
Consult the list of types of certificates this service can provide.
The digital stamp is a two-dimensional code, viewed as a grey band, which contains the whole document.

You can obtain all certifications concerning your university career, if they are not already available online, from the Student Administration Office, by completing the form and indicating the reason for your request, and including a duty stamp if required. You can also ask for the certificates to be sent directly to your home, by sending the Student Administration office, also by fax, a written request together with a copy of your ID document.
If you wish to appoint someone to collect them for you, they must go to the desk with a (simple) written authorisation, signed by you, a photocopy of your ID document and the completed form.
You can request certificates by e-mail, but only using your institutional University of Bologna account (name.surname@studio.unibo.it) or if your request is signed with a digital signature or recognisable via the electronic ID card system.

Self-certifications online

By accessing Studenti Online you can print the pre-completed form for self-certification of the data concerning your university studies, using the on-line self-certification service.

Diploma Supplement

For degree programmes under the reformed system (Ministerial Decrees 509/99 and 270/04), the University of Bologna issues a diploma supplement in addition to the certificate awarded for each degree, indicating details of the curriculum, drafted in accordance with the templates adopted by European countries.
Graduates on programmes for which the Diploma Supplement is issued can print the document by connecting to Studenti Online.
In the event that this may not be possible, the diploma supplement can be obtained by applying to the  Student Administration Office for the Degree Programme in question.