Accessibility of the websites

A website is accessible when it allows you to easily access the contents and services it offers, independently of any mental or physical disability, technical equipment or context in which you are working.

This website was implemented in compliance with the current provisions on the accessibility of websites.

Despite monitoring, it is not always possible to guarantee full accessibility to the website, we therefore ask you to report any difficulties you may have in accessing the information and services by writing to

Rapid Access keys

To allow visitors to consult the web pages rapidly, some useful shortcuts have been developed for those who can't or don't wish to use the mouse.

As the combinations vary according to the browser (e.g. Alt + Access key in Explorer and Chrome, Alt + Shift + Access key in Firefox for Windows) consult your browser guide for using the keyboard shortcuts.

The access keys for the websites are generally:

  • Go to page contents = C
    To go directly to the page contents.
  • Go to navigation menu = N
    To go directly to the navigation menu with links to the main sections of the website.

Accessibility aims

Accessibility aims 2020 (in Italian)