Image labeling system

The invention addresses the problem of providing an image labeling system, which allows reducing the human intervention in labeling procedure.

Title of the patent Image labeling system
Thematic area Electrical, electronic and information engineering
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna
Inventors Daniele De Gregorio, Luigi Di Stefano
Protection International
Licensing status Available for licensing agreements
Filed on Apr 18, 2019

Machine Learning systems, such as Neural Networks, have to be trained with data and the availability of such data is crucial. In this context, images are fundamental for several data-driven models and these images to be used to train such models are hand-labeled by humans. Converting to an automated configuration seems to be the optimal solution.

The system is conceived for the automated generation of Labeled Data for training Data-Driven Vision systems, such as the Neural Networks. The patented technology allows to generate automatically a quantity of visual data (e.g. labeled images) enough to be able to train, and/or reconfigure a vision system, for the recognition of a set of objects of interest. In contrast with the conventional systems, once the operational setup is changed  (when objects of interest, or system positioning, or, or when lights ta are changed, etc), there is no need for manual reconfiguration. The device thus consists of an automatic machine with multiple degrees of freedom (e.g. an anthropomorphic robot) and a display, such as a simple LCD or E-INK monitor, capable of presenting information in visual form.


  • Industry and manufacturing;

  • Augmented Reality.



  • Lowering costs;

  • Reducing human involvement throughout the labelling process.