Device for wave energy conversion

The invention is a device that carries wave energy conversion through a specific type of water turbine

Title of the patent Device for wave energy conversion
Thematic area Mechanical, civil and environmental engineering
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna
Inventors Renata Archetti, Adrià Moreno Miquel
Protection Italy (opportunity for seeking international patent protection)
Licensing status Available for licensing agreement
Keywords Wave Energy Conversion, OWC, Moonpool, double out-phased resonance, Point Absorber
Filed on Nov 23, 2017

The given invention avails itself of the type of energy which has been wasted until now .The device consists of a floating structure with a hole in it connecting the ocean through its lower side and the atmosphere through its upper side. The hole, filled with water (a.k.a. “moonpool”) can be excited in a vertical motion by the incoming waves. The floating structure, in turn, is also excited by the waves. A relative motion between them is thus generated, while electricity production is maximised. Wave energy conversion is carried through a specific type of water turbine, eg. Well’s or any other powertakeoff.



  • reduced dimensions comparing to similar devices;
  • low market saturation as it regards wave energy conversion in small seas
  • contribution to the fossils-free-future paradigm: affordable renewable energy;
  • higher efficiency due to the capacity to generate greater amount of energy from waves

  • especially suitable for electricity supply in small islands, often suffering from resource scarcity;
  • particularly efficient to converse wave motion within wave climates with moderate energy content.

The inventor will present the technology at RemTech Expo (Ferrara, 19-21 September 2018)