Lithium / oxygen battery

Lithium / oxygen non-aqueous semi-solid flow battery that combines high energy density of lithium batteries / air with the flexibility of redox flow batteries.

Title of the patent Semi-solid flow Li/O2 battery
Thematic area Chemistry and biotechnology
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
Inventors Francesca Soavi, Catia Arbizzani, Irene Ruggeri
Protection Europe, USA, Japan
Licensing status Available for development agreements, option, license and other exploitation agreements
Keywords Li/O2 battery, Li/air battery, Semi-solid flow battery, flow battery, semi-solid flowabe electrode, catholyte
Filed on Jul 31, 2015

Climate change in recent years has directed research towards new energy sources and efficient tools for the storage and conversion of energy. Among such devices it has been noted that the batteries lithium / oxygen, also known as lithium / air batteries, have many advantages compared to conventional electrochemical cells and lithium batteries.

A novel, low cost, semi-solid catholyte for Li/O2 batteries is claimed as well as its use in non-aqueous semi-solid flow Li-O2 battery (SFLOB) that combines the high energy density of Li/O2 battery with the flexible and scalable architecture of redox flow batteries. The cell operates with a flowable catholyte based on organic electrolyte and carbonaceous, suspended particles, fed with O2 and pumped through the cell and with a lithium metal anode.


  • high voltage operation
  • power and energy capabilities independently scaled
  • exceptionally high discharge capacity
  • projected energy density 3-5 time higher than conventional Li-ion batteries
  • high operational and design flexibility
  • affordable solution



  • batteries for large stationary energy storage (renewable energy plants)
  • sustainable mobility (public and private) including automotive, airplanes, rail and drones

In 2016, the research Group took part in the Emerging Technologies Competition of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

In 2017, the research group won the National Award for Innovation in the Clean Tech & Energy category.

They took part in the Emilia-Romagna Start Cup's Competition "New Business Ideas" along with the Unibo Launchpad's acceleration program for academic entrepreneurship of the University of Bologna.

Article Unibo Magazine (available in Italian only)