Goggles augmented reality

Device in the shape of the glasses with lenses that can project in the field of view of area health data, information and images to static or dynamic.

Title of the patent Augmented reality glasses for medical applications and corresponding system in augmented reality
Thematic area Biomedical
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna and GlassUp Srl
Inventors Giovanni Badiali, Giovanni Tregnaghi
Protection International application
Licensing status Available for licensing agreement
Keywords Augmented reality, optical system, lighting
Filed on Mar 28, 2014

Any surgical action requires constant visual control and monitor the use of the standard requires the surgeon to look away for the time necessary to control the images on the monitor.

The device in the shape of the glasses, with lenses, is capable of projecting in the visual field data, information and images of static or dynamic medical relevance. The location of the data can be done at any point of the field of vision, or where he deems most useful and comfortable, not limiting viewing to a single point normally peripheral visual field, as for other existing glasses.

The innovation relates to an optical system integrated into a pair of glasses able to project in any position of the visual field. The display of digital diagnostic images is possible at any point in the visual field, the surgeon wish to receive it, even so that you can have available at any therapeutic procedure or during surgery.